HIDDEN HISTORY: ‘Mary Magdalene’, Legends, Lies & Heresies


Source – northernway.org

“…Mary Magdalene is a dangerous figure to Church “authorities” because she teaches individuals how to connect directly to the Divine without using priests and donations but rather by activating symbols and using spiritual techniques. She represents dangerous teachings such as the sacred marriage and sexuality as opposed to celibacy and virginity…a new view of her not as the penitent prostitute — nowhere in scripture does it ever say she was a prostitute– but as co-Teacher, even a Christian Goddess”

Order of Mary Magdala – (Magdala is Aramaic for “Magdalene”)

She is the Stuff of Legends & Heresies

Church “authorities” have long considered Mary Magdalene a dangerous woman. So dangerous, they purposely labelled her a prostitute and covered up her role in Yeshua’s life. Her true role in Christianity as co-Teacher with Jesus has been at best, obscured, and at worst — purposely obliterated.

What were/are they so…

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