6 Effective Bedtime Routine Tips to Get Better Sleep

Deep Tuesdays

Many of us have encountered difficulty in getting a good night’s sleep at one time or another. Insomnia is one of the most common sleep problems most people may have experienced throughout their lifetime. This is usually due to stress, anxiety, jet lag, diet, environmental issues, or other health conditions that affect your sleep.

While there are some lucky few who can hit the sack in no time, there are others who still struggle to fall asleep no matter how physically and mentally exhausted they feel. If you have experienced this, you know how disappointing it is to toss and turn throughout the night without making any progress getting some sleep.

Creating a regular bedtime routine will help condition your mind that it is already time to sleep. People who suffer from insomnia should avoid irregular sleeping hours as it will only worsen their condition. Although some people find…

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