Astrology November 28, 2019: Mercury Trines Neptune, Venus Trines Uranus

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Two, very nice, harmonizing trine aspects are occurring today as those of us, in the US, get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving Day:

Mercury in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces (4:50 am) – This lovely, more inspirational-type aspect potentially helps us to become more empathic or heart-centered in our conversations or communications. It’s excellent energy for generating overall psychic awareness or for tapping into our intuition. Ideally, we’re feeling more connected with our own inner sense of divinity. Possibly more willing to seeing unifying threads among us all. It’s also an excellent aspect for doing any kind of creative work, or for listening to music, or for maybe relaxing by the sea.

Venus in Capricorn trining Uranus RX in Taurus (1:27 pm): This exciting aspect can motivate us to want to partake in some stimulating or out-of-the-norm social or romantic activities. It can also bring people into our orbit…

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