The Phases of the Moon

The Stars Within Their Courses

While the name astrology means the study of the stars, in many ways, astrology is the study of time. For astrologers, time is not linear, but cyclical. There are many different cycles of time, and each of them is governed by one of the planets, or by the relationship between planets.

The most basic cycle in astrology is the cycle that is marked by the phases of the Moon. It is so basic, that many cultures, including our own, use the Lunar cycle in making their calendars, at least in part. It is the easiest cycle to notice. Indeed, all you must to do keep track of it is to look up at the sky at night. It is also tracked on many non-astrological calendars.


The Mechanics of the Lunar Phase Cycle

The Lunar Phases are based on the orbit of the Moon in relation to the perceived orbit of

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