Astrology November 24, 2019: Venus Conjuncts Jupiter, Mars Opposes Uranus

Cosmic Life Coach

Cosmic Weather:

It’s sort of like we’re being treated to a heavenly (or dubious?) “double-header” today!

First, we have sweet Venus conjunct “Cosmic Santa” Jupiter in blue, sunshiny skies Sagittarius (8:33 am), typically an aspect associated with abundance and blessings, and having more of what we want or desire.

Then, in the second go-round, we have double-daring Mars in fearless Scorpio opposing “wild-child” Uranus in “own it till you drop” Taurus (11:50 am). Kinda like we suddenly choose to depart from a cozy path of riches or lavishness, with all the super cool celebratory partying, and stellar romance with attractive hunks – the whole nine yards – to goofily challenge ourselves to abruptly perform the equivalent of a frickin’ high-wire act without a safety net! All in part, because we “existentially” may have a burning need now to free ourselves from the assorted rat traps we’ve managed to mindlessly create…

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