Abuse Week III

jbuss Astrology

20 November 2019’s Strong (Stationary) Mercury (11am PST) Energy (Analysis, Communication) features two prominent Challenges (T-Squares, the red triangles in the chart below).

One is the Challenge to Shed our Victimhood(asteroid Moira = Fate v Choice)and Codependence(dwarf planet Hylonome on the South Node on one side of the base of the T-Square), and Actively but Compassionately pursue our True Passions(North Node, in Cancer).

The other is to Boldly Create New Habits(T-Square to asteroid Klotho)to replace the Abuse and Privilege Patterns(dwarf planet Nessus on one side of the base) that we’re Shedding, which have heretofore followed us like hungry Coyotes.  To Facilitate this, we’re Graced(the T-Square is also a Diamond Star or Self-Resolving Challenge)with Insights(Moon)into the Vows and Agreements we have made(dwarf planet Orcus), over the course of many Lifetimes, that have exposed us…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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