Uplifted Heart of Practice ~ Nine | 11 . 19 . 2019

OpenEye Mindful Space ~ San Rafael ~ Marin ~ Meditation Space

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None Are Excluded From the Heart ~ Including You

No Exceptions

–  Andrew Olendzki

Lovingkindness is a powerful heart practice for developing goodwill toward all—but should we extend it to include the jerks and monsters of our world?

The Pali word metta, based on a word meaning “friend” or “friendship” (mitra), is usually translated as “lovingkindness.” This is a quality of mind or an intentional emotional stance of kindheartedness, benevolence, and goodwill. It can arise at any time, in relation to any object. One might feel lovingkindness when gazing at a pet, hearing a favorite song, or thinking of a good friend. It is natural to feel this emotion toward some people and not others, in some situations and not others, or only when one is in certain moods. Multiple factors condition what arises in experience at any moment, and, accordingly…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

3 thoughts on “Uplifted Heart of Practice ~ Nine | 11 . 19 . 2019”

  1. There Can Never be enough loving kindness, I think some people in the World have forgotten the power of how Valuable kindness is let alone living kindness.

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