5G Electromagnetic Radiation Remedies – How to protect yourself from EMF, Radiation, 5G electromagnetic Radiation

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Greetings My Beloved Masters of the Universe! There is a lot of talk right now about 5G satellites, 5G networks, electromagnetic radiation, EMF Radiation and how it effects our health. The truth is that it does effect our health in a negative way. We all naturally vibrate on specific frequencies which are right for us. Any external influence, especially the one from such sources as satellites, towers, computers, cell phones, microwaves, etc., in large quantities are of course detrimental to our health. However, there is help available! We CAN protect ourselves from this exposure and minimize its effect on us. In this article I will share information with you on what is available and what to do, please note that I am not a doctor and would advise you to consult with your doctor or any other qualified health care practitioner before consuming any suggested remedies.

As you already know…

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