There is a field…

Koyopa Rising

This is a Sound of Gold Message from 2014 that I had created to demonstrate the transition from my local consciousness to the Field, or nonlocal consciousness. As a mystic-singer-songwriter, it is all music to me, so I would sometimes place them within soundscapes and be a bit more creative with them. This was posted on an old YouTube Channel and I decided to re-upload here.

RumiFieldQuoteThe Sound of Gold Files are not channeling in the way you might think. There are no names and stories from this voice. It is how nonhuman intelligence taught me to access the Oneness, The Field, the Ether. Following a communion state, I used to write out what I could, but because of its multidimensional, thick-with-data nature, it became far too difficult to capture in that way. Then it evolved into streaming translation with my voice. It is a high-vibrational, emotional (feminine) connection with…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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