7. Astrological houses spiritually viewed: 7th house

Blazing Light, Love's Song

The 7th sign and the 7th house hold the position of half-way around the Wheel. The 7th sign, Libra, is an embrace of the responsibilities of being a member of a greater whole (marriage, family, business partnership, and such). Turn the spiral slightly and Libra signals an immersion into the day to day details of life done with the wisdom of whole-ism blended with the compassion of interbeing. Master DK calls Libra “the hub of the Wheel,” in part, because of these considerations. Turn the spiral a tad more and Libra represents the integrity of human beings thus that which is just, honest, and liberating. Note the root of liber in Libra, liberty, and liberation.

The 7th house is the environment of such endeavors. Embrace brings marriage or union with another, partnerships, and close collaborations. In each of these the dance of inter-being and interdependence plays out minute by minute…

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