The “I” according to Carl Jung

Beneath The Layers

We all use the word “I” yet we seldom look at its origin.  Within the majority of languages one finds the concept of “I” but have we ever stopped to analyze what  “I” represents?

According to many modern psychologists; who base themselves mostly on what is unofficially call materialistic psychology; believe the “I” to be mostly our thoughts, our brain; in other words it is a very limited concept.   Here we are going to define the “I” as Carl Jung saw it ” The I Complex” or “Ego Complex”; Jung often used the term “complex” to describe a partially repressed, yet highly influential cluster of charged psychic material split off from, or at odds with, the conscious “I”.

According to Jung then we are a cluster of emotions, thoughts and institutions which we instinctively call “I”.  It would be helpful to go deeper into where does the “I”…

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