1111 333 Full Moon Elemental Transition


Aries full moon, 333 Portal, 1111 quantum leap. Breeeeeeaaaaathe beautiful people. Centre. Ground if the energies are over stimulating crown and third eye chakras. Meditate if lower chakra matrix distractions are blocking or interfering with alignment.

To get to the heart of this momentous time meditate on each element.

Fire 🔥 I burn all blocks and barriers to abundance, self care and self love.

Air 🌬 I blow all matrix cobwebs away so I may raise my vibrations in alignment with Gaia.

Earth 🌎 I ground into the energies of rebirth, anchoring my light to Gaia.

Water 🌊 I wash away all negativity, clearing my spiritual being in 333 light waves.

Alchemy is our transcendence to higher states of being. Ritualise, create ceremony, connect to these profound shifts.

I embrace all upgrades available to me at this time under the protection of my higher self.
I welcome down loads…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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