The Grace Period is Over 10.10.19


Drip feeding of truth has been carried out by volunteers, travellers and healers since 1945. The rainbow children arrived on the cusp of our new millennia. 2012 was ignition for Mayan prophesied Great Awakening. 2015 we regrouped. 2019, the final phase of cosmically engineered pause on Gaia’s ascension. Gaia complied, her earth guardians held space for us. We raised our vibrations, anchored our light to the material plane, planted seeds of awakening. We spread Light through the matrix like a virus, loosening dirt, grit and grime, clearing. We have aligned with Gaia to fifth dimensional vibratory fields. Phew. We broke through to other side, the fourth dimension, in late August 2018. We have been riding the trippy waves of cosmic transition ever since.
Assimilation into fifth dimension vibrations is cosmic surfing stormy seas of karmic clearing and lightbody activation. We are steering our ship, we are responsible for the load…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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