Messages of the Moment From Horus

10-02-19: If this were to be a new day in paradise how would you look at it? Would it be just what you wanted all your life, or the best it can be in the moment that will take you to a whole new way of looking at life? It can be the epitome of living your life in the moment, or of being the creator of what you bring in the life you have chosen. Yes, you have chosen this life, and it is working in a way that you realized it could be. It is the best you can do in the land of the plenty and the whole of the rest of the creators here and everywhere. Go now into the paradise that you create and feel the wonder of it all in the best you can do to create the moment of ecstasy. Love is the brightest energy that you can bring to your life, and others as well. I Love you all, Horus!


Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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