The Symbolic Structure of Existence (Source, Divine Masculine/Feminine, & More) [Massive Download]

New Earth Knowledge

⚠️ This post is very esoteric. The following is my personal understanding; please take what resonates and leave the rest. ⚠️

Recently, as I was in the depths of meditation, I was bombarded with a series of enormous esoteric “downloads” from Source. Through visualization, I was shown details about the symbolic structure of existence. The “download” also encompassed information about:

  • What Source “looks like” and its strategy for evolution
  • The Universe and what it “looks like”
  • The Eye of Providence and why it’s long been a symbol of truth
  • Consciousness’ journey through the densities
  • The hidden beauty of the Divine Masculine and Feminine
  • How love is engrained in who we are

As I’ve been discovering over and over again, imagery and symbolism are literally embedded into the blueprint of the universe and all life… and we TRULY are created in “the image of God,” precisely because we ARE God, and…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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