Allow your True Self to take over

Love's Beginning

You can only feel stress when you get caught up in who you aren’t, in who everybody else isn’t. Notice the habit of identifying a specific location for the stress: “I feel stressed because of somebody or something. If somebody or something were different, I would not feel stressed.” These are thoughts that you believe–over and over and over–and they are part of the fantasy. Remember only this: The stress comes from looking at and believing the twoness.

Being able to see twoness in a dream that covers up reality is only possible because you have already believed thoughts about twoness. You thought the twoness fantasy into apparent being. Each apparently separate little “you” does the same thing. The person believes in itself as separate and vulnerable because of a repeating thought pattern: “I am other. I am separate. I am alone. I am vulnerable. I must struggle.”

When you…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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