The Transits of September 2019 – A Productive Month

The Stars Within Their Courses

After the excitement of August 2019, in September, the transits will bring us all back to Earth, literally. The element of Earth will be featured prominently for most of the month, which will bring a great deal of energy and motivation to get things accomplished.

Also, there will be quite a lot of transits, especially during the beginning of the month, which will also keep matters active and lively.


September 1 to September 12 – An Intense Time of Hard Work

We enter into September in a New Moon phase which began on August 30. In the New Moon chart, six out of seven traditional planets were in Earth and moving into September, there are still five planets in that element.

There will be an unusual number of aspects occurring during this time. Most of the aspects will be positive or neutral, but it will still make for a lot…

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