They’re Back…and Hopefully More on the Way…Shorebirds That Is


I recently posted this on Facebook:  “SHOREBIRDS IN AUGUST!! – I checked my Ebird records to see just how good this week in August has been for my shorebird observations in Washington. The ten days from August 11 through August 20 have been awesome.  Of my 48 shorebird species in the State, I have recorded 39 of them in this 10 day period including such rarities as the LESSER SAND PLOVER, HUDSONIAN and BAR TAILED GODWITS, and WOOD SANDPIPER. Of the 9 species not seen in this period 6 were seen in the first week of September including a super rare UPLAND SANDPIPER and also rare RUFF, SHARP TAILED SANDPIPER and BUFF BREASTED SANDPIPER. The only three species seen outside of this period were super rare RED NECKED STINT (twice in July), super rare WILSON’S PLOVER (in October) and a possible super rare WHITE RUMPED SANDPIPER seen the first week in August.  

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