A peek inside: The transcendent work of Naomi Cornock

The Life,Musings and Experiences of a Modern Witch

Naomi visiting Cornwall. She clearly has great taste in hats.

I first met Naomi and her unrivaled artwork at a local craft fair. I was immediately taken aback by the level of detail and symbology in her pieces and then by her kindness and open attitude. A little over a year later and thewitchwench.com was born. I knew I wanted to use my voice to share the work of others and Naomi was one of the top of that list.

I Popped over the meet her in her home for a brew and a chat, her house easily recognisable from the charms and artwork surrounding it. Not quite her dream home, she explained, but to me it felt peaceful and inspiring -much like her work, a testament to the energy she gives off me thinks.

One of the many beautiful spaces in Naomi’s garden

When asked to describe herself and…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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