Transforming Mistakes | 7 . 23 . 2019

OpenEye Mindful Space ~ San Rafael ~ Marin ~ Meditation Space




Our worst faults and failings are

an opportunity to create something.

-Lama Kathy Wesley

It’s natural to be disappointed that you haven’t been able to vanquish your own worst faults. But do you have to continue feeling that way? The teachings of lojong say: No, you don’t have to continue feeling that way! In fact, you can use the mistakes you make to propel yourself further along your path of liberation.

Lojong, which means “mind training” in Tibetan, is the term for a set of meditations and daily life disciplines that tame and transform our mental afflictions, simultaneously uprooting the source of our suffering—our ego-fixation. The practice set consists of 59 aphorisms written by the 12th-century Tibetan saint Chekhawa Yeshe Dorje; they’re also known as the Seven Points of Mind Training.

Every one of us has ego-fixation (habitual unconscious habit patterns). The Buddha’s…

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