Energies Are Bringing Us Into Realness In Relationships

SoulFullHeart Experience

By Jelelle Awen

What used to be workable, what used to be a work-around, what used to be ALLOWED in relationships within ourselves and with others……this is all being stalled, stopped, and challenged with these latest energies. During this eclipse gateway especially and leading up to Lion’s Gate in less than a month now on 8/8, what has previously been anchored in shrinking, settling, and conforming is no longer finding the fuel to keep going.

NOW we are being thrust into more moments ofbeing REAL with each other to see and feel what has been true and what has not. The standards and criteria of ‘healthy’ everything are being raised to the next level of 5D. What previously even could have passed as ‘healthy’ and ‘nourishing’ is NOW getting a next level nudge upwards.

Gaia is holding the space for this exploration if we want her container. Divine Mother…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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