Let’s Talk: TANKA

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The other day I shared the information that the UHTS is sponsoring the “Fleeting Words” Tanka Competition. 

Here is the Submission Period and Deadline: May 1-August 15 of each year. 

There is a 10 poem limit on the number of submissions. If more than 10 poems are submitted, only the first 10 poems will be entered. Entries must be the original work of the author, be previously unpublished and not under consideration elsewhere for the entire time period it takes to complete the judging. Click HERE for submission requirements and read carefully to find the current competition.

Let’s brush up on our Tanka writing skills so that we can enter this contest! Are you with me?

UHTS describes the various forms for submission to their Cattails Journal, however, I would think these definitions would serve across the board for their challenges also. Read the definitions HERE.

Here’s a bit of…

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