Wings for Awakening the Heart | 6 . 25 . 2019

OpenEye Mindful Space ~ San Rafael ~ Marin ~ Meditation Space


Click here to access PDF: WingsForTheAwakenedHeart

Wings for Awakening

Seven Factors & Five Faculties 

– Adapted from writings of Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo

Tranquillity meditation (samatha) is a mind snug in a single object of meditation. It doesn’t establish contact with anything else; it keeps itself uneffected by anything else.

Insight meditation (vipassana) is when the mind lets go of the object of meditation in a state of all-around mindfulness and alertness.

* * *

Seven Factors of Awakening

Tranquility meditation is composed of seven basic qualities.

1. Mindfulness as a factor of Awakening. The mind is centered firmly on the breath, aware of the body, feelings, mind, and mental qualities.

2. Investigation of present qualities as a factor of Awakening: We attend to the breath watching where and how it may spread throughout the body. We investigate ways to adjust, improve, choose, and use our breath so that it give…

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