you are sovereign unto your own authority (audio 3:47)

words divinely wrought

Into-The-Wide-Wide-World-1907-by-John-Bauer-556x720“Into The Wide, Wide World” by Swedish painter John Bauer, 1907

In whatever way you choose,
through whatever forms or wisdom
resonate with the beat of your fulsome heart,
now is the best of all possible times
to open the sluice gate you mistakenly believed
was rusted shut

The key glistens in your holy hand,
poised to open new channels
let run without impediment a new river of awareness
align yourself east, then west,
above, below, beyond
gold awaits you on the riverbanks
and too, there is sand,
there is wheat, chaff, sludge
and the prescient flowing of love’s sacred waters

confluence brings with it a multitude of choice
every intersection offers you a green light, now red,
reflective signs to stop, observe, and be wary
listen well!
no one need tell you when it’s time to go or stay,
hold, release, stand firm, surrender
you are sovereign unto your…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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