Basking in abundance

Love's Beginning

If you find lack in any other, you are finding lack within yourself but trying to escape from it by seeing it as outside of yourself. Whenever you believe that lack in another is very real, remind yourself: I am the one who needs help.

You can also ask us to prove abundance to you. Challenge us: Prove to me that there is abundance within this oneHelp me see it.

When you are able to acknowledge that you feel lack within, you may attempt to fix this lack by changing form. You may feel that there is some relief to be had by going to work on form–by changing the form from this to that. We point out here that in changing from this to that, you are changing from illusion to illusion. Relying upon illusion for stability means that you will feel anguish and deep insecurity…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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