The Transits of June 2019 – Heading into Eclipse Season

The Stars Within Their Courses

Last month, we were inundated by transits coming at us from all sides. This made for a hectic and active month for many people. The first two weeks of June will be relatively peaceful, so you should have time to relax and catch your breath. The last two weeks of June will be a different story, however. Not only will the transits pick up steam, but we will be going into an Eclipse Season on starting June 22, 2019.

Even though from the perspective of space, the Moon is much, much smaller than the Sun, from the perspective of the Earth, they are about the same size. This means that whenever they cross paths, an eclipse can occur. The orbit of the Moon is at a slight angle from the orbit of the Sun, so they do not cross paths very often. Twice a year they meet, and…

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