Honesty and Openness

Reflections of Riverman

Honesty and Openness

Hi All,
It is funny how as I try to catch up with my Presence of Light Talk posts they are reminders to me of what is important.
The morning of this particular talk, I was in a state of questioning myself which is not uncommon these days.
So too this morning I awoke and had to be deeply honest within myself about the last month of amazing changes.
The accepting of our growth is confirmed by our own experiences through these two words…

Honesty and Openness

747 Angel Number
7 discernment, understanding, inner-self, awakening
7 encouragement of working toward goals, truth and integrity,
building solid foundations
747 is a confirmation of successful achievement and encouragement to continue

Many times we fail to see our own spiritual growth or development
because we are right in the middle of it.
We are the point within the circle which seems so infinitely…

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