Making Space For Healing Instead Of ‘Figuring It Out’

SoulFullHeart Experience

By Kalayna Solais

Intentions for your healing arise, often with a target or specific goal in mind, something that has been painful for a long time that parts of you so wish they could unseat and heal FINALLY. It could be something in your physical body, or a certain trigger in your emotional body, or depression, anxiety, or any sort of trauma.

I have a personal desire list or even ‘wish list’ you could say, that parts of me are attached to moving on from and deeply healing. Or rather, I feel how my Inner Masculine especially has this list that he’s holding, sometimes saying,

“OK, THAT came up again today… what is THAT reaction about and how do we get underneath it finally?”

It becomes a mining effort, a drill-down, instead of a gradual staircase that you can’t take all at once.

Does that feel familiar? 🙂

It’s so…

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