The Truth About Psychic Attacks And Where They Come From


My articles are geared to lightworkers because that is the journey I was on and know about. All lightworkers are starseeds but not all starseeds are lightworkers. In December I decided to start figuring out where these attacks that plague lightworkers come from. When I started asking questions about it. I pierced the veil of truth. This veil is illusions and lies that keep you from seeing the truth. These illusions are over your third eye and have you viewing what is happening to you through these illusions.  These illusions are consciousnesses. The divine feminine is the first 5 layers or dimensions of your journey. The next 5 layers or dimensions are the divine masculine. The divine feminine is about healing the victim consciousness, and that illusion you have to see through to start the phase in your journey to heal the divine masculine.

To heal the divine feminine you…

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