Celebration in Scorpio – Full Moon May 18, 2019

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Celebration and Intimacy

We have a Scorpio Full Moon this Friday, and for many people, anything Scorpio seems a little scary. Full Moons are a time of harvest and celebration, and that doesn’t change even when we are working through an energy like Scorpio.

Scorpio is about intimacy, connection, and release. It represents human connection, the bonding of souls, and the bliss that can come from that, or the pain.

But this is a Full Moon, so we are in celebration mode.  This is not about the pain, but about the healing and love that comes with it.

The Full Moon will help you celebrate your ability to connect to yourself and others. It will have you dancing and rejoicing for all that you have healed and moved through, all that you are healing and moving through, and all that you are opening up to. It will have you…

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