How to attract your perfect partner (Or anything for that matter).

The Life,Musings and Experiences of a Modern Witch

One thing that I was asked repeatedly after the article about me went public was… How did I find my Cockney Viking? Was it a spell? Cosmic ordering? Vision boards? Abduction? Entrapment?

Now, a word of warning. You should NEVER attempt to affect someone’s free will with Witchcraft for whatever end. It never works out the way you want to and is damaging to yourself and others. Love spells and potions are more about enhancing how you feel about yourself or gaining insight into a situation. Forcing another person to do anything is not what I am about and also, why would you want to? That’s not love. Love is a gift given with honesty and respect.

So, that being said. In a sense, I did cosmic order him. I wrote down in my journal all of the qualities I would need in a partner if I was ever going…

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