MAY Change Serve You Well!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!


Easter and the Resurrection sure hasn’t played out like I expected (does anything anymore??) I woke up Easter morning completely voiceless, stayed that way thru the following Sunday, save a couple hours, long enough to get into an argument with my housemate, then it went away again. I went to babysit my grandson on Sunday and while literally kissing his feet and making as much sound to play with him as my voice allowed, suddenly it was back on full volume and stayed that way thru Monday!!

The readings were so informative. My first precious lady had recently been asked for a divorce, shocking to both of us. Of course, anytime there is such an unexpected (or even expected) ending, it brings a deep sense of sadness. As she was explaining that she is trying to not be sad, her team explained to her (and to me too) how important…

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