Taurus 牡牛座

The Stars Within Their Courses

Taurus is a sign with simple tastes. Good food, pleasant surroundings, and peace and quiet all make Taurus very happy. Taurus is one of the most stable of the signs, and she dislikes change or disruption of any kind. This sign likes to accumulate things, such as property, money, and relationships. Once she sees something as hers, she is unlikely to ever let it go.

Taurus by Season


Western astrology uses the Tropical Zodiac, which means that the Spring Equinox (or the Fall Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere) marks 0° Aries. The zodiac is then divided into 30° segments from that point, which are the 12 signs. Taurus is the second sign along the zodiac wheel.

Because the Tropical Zodiac is tied to the Equinoxes and the Solstice points, you can generally tell the sign that your Sun so long as you know your birthday. The Sun is in…

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