Moving From Being Alone To All-one

SoulFullHeart Experience

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By Raphael Awen

Loving yourself requires feeling yourself and feeling yourself requires space.

This space is a transactional space where you as an observer/feeler opens a curious open hearted inquiry about another part of you.

When a part of you is feeling anything, be it anger, sadness, joy or bliss, you simply are this feeling state until this open hearted other shows up.

You move from being alone to all-one, when this state of transactionally loving yourself is flowing to and from ALL the aspects of your being.

This is my ‘teacher digestion’ as I feel myself moving through a pronounced recent dark night, death and rebirth cycle in the recent separation with Jelelle and new opening with each other. There was intense reaction through the birth canal, facing not only the loss of Jelelle, but also all of my beloveds in SoulFullHeart, almost more than…

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