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Absorbed in the Breath

How to use the breath to develop the four levels of jhana ­—deeper states of meditation

– Ajaan Lee Dhammadharo

Jhana (a Sanskit word) means to be absorbed or focused in a single object, as when we work with the breath as our object in meditation.

The first jhana has five factors:
1. Directed thought: Think of the breath until you can recognize it clearly without getting distracted. 2. Singleness of object: Keep the mind with the breath. Don’t let it stray after other objects. Watch over your thoughts so that they deal only with the breath until the breath becomes comfortable. (The mind becomes one, at rest with the breath.)
3. Evaluation: Let this comfortable breath sensation spread and coordinate with the other breath sensations in the body. Let these breath sensations spread until they all flow together…

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