Deepening Or Rewriting Our Inner Story Is The Process Of Ascension

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The narratives by which we live and subscribe to are meant to be challenged in order to feel whether or not they continue to resonate with our deepest sense of self and love. These challenges can arise from our own self-led explorations, or by circumstances conspired by our Higher Selves that may feel like explosions in our lives.

Either the narrative deepens or it shifts. I don’t know if we can be without one. It is what brings us to our deepest meaning as human beings. Itis what we give our energy to and what we get back from it. It is like a story you are writing, reading, and invested in at the same time.

We are also stories within a story. Narratives can conflict with one another or they can align. When they conflict there is a visceral sense of something being off or it can manifest in…

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Author: dreamweaver333

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