Healing Inner Conflict Into Our Embodied Truth And Service Of Love

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Over the past few months, I have felt myself in a very awkward space between two of the most influential people in my healing journey. There have been times when parts of me could feel this tug to ‘side’ one way or another.

As a young boy, my parents were in a state of bitter contention at the end of their marriage. I felt the split inside of me to care-take both of them but for different reasons. This conflict found its way inside at an early and impressionable age. What was ‘right’ was more important than what was ‘true’. This theme also plays out in many soul timelines that are looking for connection and resolution.

As I felt this arise in myself once more, I could feel the ways in which this tug was always inside of me regarding my truth and needs. This is the ongoing work for…

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