Navigating the Reality of our Mind: New Moon Sharing


The effects of the Elohim’s teachings, transmitted during the recent inaugural session of THE ADAM KADMON RECODED – Living Beyond Duality, were certainly impactful and profound, at least for me. Post-workshop, I found myself pondering over these questions as if wanting to extend my learning with the guides: Am I real? Am I my reality and vice versa? Can consciousness evolve only through the realities it creates? Is there one common reality that all consciousness is evolving into?Though I may not have channeled all the answers, ironically, I did find myself becoming more OK about being ‘kept in the dark’. Perhaps, the ability to practise non-attachment more skillfully is the ultimate gift of the workshop? 🙂

The Elohim’s core delivery at the workshop was on reality creation, its true nature and purpose, and the role of the human mind as a navigation and self-correcting tool for awakening our…

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