MEG BENEDICT – April Solace – Morphing Into Our Original Divine Human Template – 3-30-19 – via Love Has Won

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What a roller coaster it has been! Since 11:11:11 there has been an increasing surge of galactic gamma photon light saturating the planetary field with Ascension consciousness. In the past, this level of gamma ray intensity would have vaporized us. Not anymore!

Gradually we are morphing into the original divine human template as 12 strand DNA humans. All is encoded and stored within the dormant multi-dimensional DNA, waiting for the crystalline light to ignite it. It starts as an inkling of wonder, a spark that awakens higher understanding and awareness of universal knowledge. It is the unveiling of the true nature of quantum holographic possibilities. It is liberating!

Everything is accelerating. Activations, clearings, and healings are happening much quicker now. We are transforming at warp speed. It is all building towards a massive shift in consciousness. All shadow is being revealed in the bright light. The corrupt…

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