Striving gives way to flow

Love's Beginning

You are hereby released from trying to be good enough. We ask you to be aware of striving energy today. If you have a desire to try, apply your trying to noticing the energy of striving and then inviting yourself to stop. When you stop, you can remember that there is a flow waiting for you. You don’t have to struggle, and any goal you set in front of yourself that motivated you to struggle is only an illusion.

When you are struggling, you are struggling toward a self-definition. Notice that. When you achieve the goal toward which you are struggling, you will be able to define yourself as  ___________. Then you will be good enough. Devotion to endless struggle keeps you blind to the truth of you: You are already good enough. So is everybody else.

You are goodness itself. So is everybody else. It may not look that…

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