Rise of the Sun – a Poem

Koyopa Rising

Themis in court 3d illustration

With every rise of the sun
I find myself unsure
Of why my eyes even open
To endure
The smaller stories
In this longer-running show
Where all the bad actors
Carry their trophies home

Good morning to my ceiling
The walls
The window that looks out to a tangled mess
I’ve come to accept that it’s meant
To block my view to the
Greater waves in the west

But it doesn’t

If I soften my focus
It’s here that oceans appear
And authentic voices wake
Where justice rings out
In a lost yet familiar grace
Wrapped in a frequency
She delivers me
To a holy flood I can’t explain
Except to say
That Divine Law
Will reign

In the outer-world script
I’m aware my lines are gibberish

So I am cast
As the crazy one that makes no sense
A target for the pain that remains
On damning the…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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