Sound of Gold Files: TruthToPower.022419, full message

Koyopa Rising

A week ago I published a Sound of Gold Bite, a small excerpt taken from a much longer transmission. Below is the full message if you are interested. These messages are first published for members on my Patreon site, and later I sometimes make it public on YouTube and this blog. For this post, I’d like to also answer some questions that I’ve received from clients, in groups, and on the blog, about my process.

Are you channeling? How are these messages received? I was taught by the Inner Voice Intelligence how to do this back in ~ 2004/2005. (Prior to this I was capturing the messages as best I could by writing it out after emerging from a present-moment download.) I seem to have been prepared for this through the lifelong visits with nonhuman intelligence, as well as the random energy infusions up through my spine, and eventually the…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.