Light language from Ineke Hemminga: Exploring inspiration

Love's Beginning

I’ve been talking to my friend Ineke Hemminga about inspiration. Each of us expresses inspiration–the love we are moving through us into expression–in a different way. As we engage in the mode of our inspiration, it uplifts us and opens us up to further communication from our Self–our wisdom that is shared and very powerful.

One of the fascinating modes of inspiration that I’ve seen in action is receiving light language, both by those who speak or sing it and by those who write it or make artistic representations of it.

Ineke has graciously allowed me to share photos of what she receives.  The meaning is whatever it is for you. I felt a great sense of openness, and the diagonal gold lines really spoke to me of cutting through what isn’t real.

ineke1 - Editedineke2 - Editedineke3 - Editedineke4 - Edited

When we receive and express inspiration, it is intuitive. Logic and limits are set aside, and…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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