Recognizing your preference for ego’s world

Love's Beginning

Look around you with physical eyes. You see ego’s world. Ego’s world is not real. Isn’t that incredible? Ego’s world is not real. All of the fear you feel comes from believing ego’s world is real. Behind that, what you really fear is that you have done something wrong in making ego’s world, and you will be punished.

If you really knew that ego’s world is not real and you didn’t harm creation in any way, you would have no belief in wrongdoing. If you didn’t have a belief in wrongdoing, you would not project it out everywhere, seemingly near and far. Taking responsibility for all of your projections means allowing the world of ego to disappear and inviting the world of Love into experience.

Ego’s world is projected, like a film. As you look around you, you think you see things that are other than yourself. You interpret and…

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