Celebrate the choice for Love

Love's Beginning

All minds that you associate with bodies appear to be separate, but the minds are one. You can think of them now as interconnected. Remember that the body is only a facade. No one is a body, yet all Are. Go to where you are all joined together when you are tempted to focus upon a divine sibling as a body. When you set your sibling free, you set yourself free.

When one mind chooses love above all else, it creates an attraction for all of the other minds. It makes it easier for all of the other minds to choose love. Minds can continue to pursue a lonely agenda of ego, or they can hear the call to joy and return to the awareness of harmony. As you choose love in all things, the call of harmony is heard by more and more of your siblings.

We invite you…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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