Nature Walks – Green Cay & Wakodahatchee Wetlands – March 2019

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Nature Walks – Green Cay & Wakodahatchee Wetlands – March 2019

It’s March and it’s nesting time for many of the wading birds in SE Florida.  Above is a shot of a posturing male Great Egret in breeding plumage and colors.

It was a cool day; most people had sweaters or even coats on, except me.  I relish the coolness… upper 50’s, I think.  And the sunshine was brilliant making shooting challenging in the low angled sun.

DSCN6617 Male Angina drying off after a swim.

DSCN6618 Double-crested Cormorant. Notice the difference between the bills of the two swimming birds, Angina (above) and the Cormorant.


DSCN6633 The shy Limpkin

DSCN6652 Wood Stork

DSCN6661 Black-bottomed Whistling Duck

DSCN6682 Green Heron in silhouette.

DSCN6662 White Ibis

DSCN6691 Balancing Act

DSCN6719 Alligator sighting

DSCN6727 Female Cormorant

These photos are from two separate outings.  I did finally see an alligator at Wakodahatchee this morning, cruising from under the boardwalk.

Hope you enjoy the photos!


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