Decrees ~ Stepping Deeper into Cosmic Ascension

New Earth Consciousness~Circle of Light


In November  2018 Walking Terra Christa presented teachings of Stepping into the Journey of Cosmic Awareness for Ascension Mastery Training. This took us into learning more about the Golden Etheric Cities for the Rays of Pearlescent and Deep Blue Violet.

Our Focus for this cycle was to embrace the Higher Light Energies to bring forth the changes that needed to take place within the Emotional Mental Bodies to Allow Self Love to be the predominating factor of healing.

Golden Etheric City Aslaanetair (Sweden, Norway, Finland)      

Ray 10 – Pearlescent ~ Removing Illusions of Separative Thinking and Feeling

This visit was guided by Lord Voltar and Lady Valencia of Andromeda representing the Masculine and Feminine Divine. Lady Valencia brings forth the expression of the Feminine Essence to assist in holding within the foundation of the continued element of Self Love and Self Worth. Lord Voltar allows for the removing of…

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