Sonia Barrett – The weary human, Bouncing back from the bumps and bruises of the Journey – 2-21-19

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Sonia Barrett
Sonia Barrett


Life as a human being is an insatiable experience despite it being an emotional wild ride. To say the least, it is profound, mysterious, exhilarating and maddening all at once! Being alive is addicting, we want more despite the ups and downs. Then there are those times when we are simply weary and it all becomes too much, yet we hang on for dear life. Somehow most will make their way through challenges time and time again despite the sway of emotions. Emotions are electrochemical impulses that are the translation of sensations entering the sensory system of the body. It is a result of this transmitting and receiving feedback loop of action and reaction. It is this chemical response coursing through our bodies and our minds that cause us to feel vulnerable and powerless.

How can we find stability and balance in this pendulum of emotions? No…

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