The Transits of March 2019 – Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

The Stars Within Their Courses

Mars will be in Taurus through all of March, and Mercury will be retrograde in Pisces from March 6 through March 28. This will make it hard to get things accomplished for many people because they will feel foggier than usual. There will also be a greater likelihood of careless errors. Other than that, it will not be a difficult month. So long as they are not trying to get anything done, most people will be calm and in a good mood. For this reason, if at all possible during this month, leave yourself enough time for projects and do not try to do anything at the last minute. Also, if you can, try to minimize your workload.


March 1 to March 5 – Getting Things in Order

This will be a good time to bring as much order to your life as possible. Mercury is in Pisces, but she…

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