Evolution of an Experiencer: Jeanne Schraf

Koyopa Rising

Jumping McQuade Jeanne Schraf

Several times as I edited this piece, I literally shouted out loud, “I LOVE THIS!” Even though it took me a solid week to record and create this video, which was a big chunk of my 12-14 hour days, for me it was pure heaven.

I always knew that this day would arrive. I was informed by a benevolent nonhuman intelligence that it would… “Experiencers will one day connect with each other, and when they speak their truth, it will rapidly change your world.” I’m glad I stuck around to see how this unfolds.

Jeanne is awesome… a lifetime experiencer like me. Enjoy!

Eileen’s website
Soul Weaving Sessions and Support for Experiencers
Eileen Meyer Music on iTunes:
or Music on CDBaby
Eileen’s book on Amazon – Koyopa Contact Within: The Plumed Serpent Rises
New Translating Infinity YouTube Channel

For Jeanne’s latest work, visit: https://www.fixmypanic.com/ or https://www.horsemuse.com/retreats.html

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